Lexington Public School is a junior school with approximately 320 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six. Lexington prides itself on being “a learning community with HEART committed to Excellence and Personal Best”.

The staff at Lexington are dedicated to developing capable, responsible students in a safe, supportive environment of mutual respect and trust. Through on-going reflection on what we do, we strive to continually improve and instill a love of learning in our school community.

We hold high expectations of our students in all aspects of life. We expect our students to seek to attain success academically, socially and physically. We believe that students achieve excellence through high levels of participation and a commitment to do their personal best.

Our HEART Pledge

Respect, Responsibility and Honesty, too;
They bring out the best in me and you.
Trustworthiness and being fair
Help us to show others that we really care.
Extra Effort leads to success;
With a positive Attitude we try our best.
Lexington school is a great place to be;
We all show HEART for all to see.